Ok.. I know I shouldn't have to do this; however given the level of applications so far.... This is for FEMALE applicants only.

If you are a man, you can also apply to join however you have to go here.

Female applications shall be held in confidence.   Male applications, when I get around to it; will be uploaded for us to laugh over.

Email Address:
Where are you at:
What is your age:   ,  
I shouldn't have to ask....
because if you're a guy
you're on the compost heap! but.....
Woman       Guy
Work Skills:
If it was your job to
destroy the excess 70% of males
what would be your choice
of death for them?
Lesbian: No      Yes
Describe your
personality in
ten words or less:
If you could rule
the world for a day
what would
you change?
Describe why you would
be an asset to
the Collective:
Who in the list below
could be described as
the closest to a hero:
Have You
Broken Heart
Jealous Rages
Cheated On
STDs - thanks to some bastard!
Rashes of Unknown Origin - Also thanks to some bastard!
Body Odour
Fits of Revenge
Please attach a photo:
(Not mandatory, or even particularly wanted!)
Then click here:
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