For thousands of years, men have dominated society and humanity has suffered from the effects of their desire to exert their power over others.

The Collective began in our male dominated environment - the work-place, where we were forced to sit and watch them in their quest for power.   Power in the 21st century is not obtained with a sword; but with a white board pen.
He who holds the pen - rules; or so you would imagine.

The years of watching the meeting room waltz and listening to their never-ending, egotistical, testosterone driven bullshit was beginning to take its toll...

One male told us the story of Catherine the Great - who had her life ended by the falling of a donkey (as Murray tells it, she was about to have sex with it when her slaves stupidly let the rope on the pully slip).

Unbelieving... I researched, only to find that Catherine the Great, had in fact, died of a heart attack in her old age.

The next morning at work, I repeated my findings to Murray.... who followed up by saying: "you'd have a heart attack too if a donkey was coming at you!"

How do you reason with that sort of mentality?

It was then that we decided to kill them...
thus ending centuries of persecution and misery.

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