Oh, I do love this part!!!
The surviving 30% of males, will be designated a particular farm, according to his talents and his physical attributes.   However, men who believe we have overlooked their qualities, can apply for residency as a supplicant here.

For those supplicants of an athletic build, who are sensitive and possessing an inner beauty.    Also able to perform on all types of women!   Since you are responsible for the next generations; you will understand that we are seeking beauty here.

For those with a lot of muscle, yet maybe not overloaded with intelligence.    If you can wield a sword, pick, or axe, or mouse.... you are our man!   Although you don't have to be Einstein; you should at least be able to string a sentence together.

For those supplicants that possess that "something special" quality!

Oh: did we forget to mention that you must be gorgeous, willing and possess an all consuming desire to please?

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