The word mankind, will henceforth be eradicated from the dictionary.    I mean, who the hell came up with that expression anyway?

The New World is a place where every Secret Woman can reach her full potential. Unhindered by the shackles of our existing male dominated society.

Men would, and have argued that throughout history, women that managed to gain power and run a country, each created a war.   This is true and we don't dispute this.    However, to obtain power, each of those women adopted the persona of a man.    Eg. Margaret Thatcher, nickname - The IronMaiden.
Lets get real here - no woman smelling of lavender and flour would ever be voted to power.

We envisage a world where there are no boundaries for countries - because we are united and the world is owned by us all.    Just as the world is owned by us, we are owned by the world and are responsible to take care of it.
See? We are not all bad...

The New World is where every woman is treated equally:  race and social or financial scales have always hindered the progress and development of women.

Now, they will be judged on their ability.

Women that choose not to leave their children - shall be paid to create and maintain childcare facilities for the women who choose a career path.

To be fair to your fellow "sisters", each male shall have a three week limit on exclusivity.    This will ensure that the Robert Pattinson's or Jude Law's (sigh...) of the world are shared equally.    We have decided that love is overrated, and therefore unnecessary, and not permitted in this world.

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