We shall live by the Yoko Ono - "Imagine" rule:
No heaven or hell, no religion, no countries - because we are united and the world is owned by us all.

All Secret Women shall be treated equally:
race, social or financial status does not hinder the development of your spirit. Each Secret Woman shall be judged on her ability.

All Secret Women shall pay a Preservation Fee, eliminating poverty.

The 30% of men chosen to exist, shall relinquish all power, possessions and free-will.    They will exist as pampered, pets... herded into the various farms.

There will be no Olympic Games - it was created and corrupted by men and if you think about it, the only thing worth watching is the swimming (since those guys have the best teeth and shoulders).   After all, who in their right mind, other than a man, would make Beach Volleyball an olympic sport...?

Male children shall exist until the age of 25 before being culled.
I know; it sounds harsh - but we really do need to keep them in check and if we don't cull, we all know where we will be in another 50 years!   Doing the meeting room waltz while some tosser tries to keep ownership of the whiteboard pen!

Rulers shall be chosen via a lottery process, but all decisions are voted upon - majority rules.

All marriages shall be annulled - there is no marriage in the land of Secret Women.

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